Natural Doggie Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs


Natural Doggie Organic CBD Hemp Oil helps relieve pain and anxiety in pets. Utilizing only the best natural products, the difference in our oil is that is derived from the highest quality Non-GMO, organic Colorado hemp. All dogs can benefit as this product is a perfect supplement to your animal’s diet and will help keep them happy and healthy. If your animal suffers from anxiety or chronic pain, you will see a noticeable difference in your dog immediately.

Our Product is Hemp-derived and 100% THC-free (most CBD oils are not)

  1. Made in our own certified laboratory

  2. Our Product is Legal in All 50 States

  3. Made from Organic, Human Grade Ingredients free of GMOs

  4. Certified Analysis of Test Results

Proudly Made in the USA


  • Promotes calm in anxious dogs & cats
  • Supports chronic relief of chronic pain and inflammation
  • Promotes healthy appetite and fights nausea
  • Contains absolutely no THC and will not make your pet "high"
  • Utilizes Nano-Sized Micro-emulsion for maximum bioavailability


  • 100% THC-free Non-GMO Colorado Hemp-Derived CBD Oil
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • 13.2 mg Hemp Seed Oil and 4.2 mg Cannabidiol per 0.5mL (1/2 dropper)

Directions for Use

9 lbs and under - 1 drop

9 lbs to 12 lbs - 2 drops

12 lbs to 18 lbs - 3 drops

18 lbs to 24 lbs - 4 drops

24 lbs to 50 lbs - 6 drops

50 lbs to 75 lbs - 8 drops

Lab Testing Results


CBD FAQ from Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM

What Are The CBD Dosage Guidelines for Dogs?

If you are considering giving your dog CBD products, you may be looking for a dosage on how much you should be giving your dog. This article will contain all the information on the incredible benefits of giving your dog CBD products. It will explain how to find the best products for your dog and where to find a proper dosage. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is found in plants that have hemp. Unlike what many people think CBD does not contain THC. THC is the compound found in marijuana responsible for the euphoric state.  CBD acts on receptors in the endocannibals system to help with homeostasis.

The Endocannabinoid System manages the part of the system that is associated with the immune and central nervous systems, and helps maintains a stable equilibrium in the body.  This system is a "mega-system" as it affects all major body systems. 

There are two primary receptors in the endocannabinoid system, CB1, and CB2.  CB1 receptors are found in the brain and parts of the nervous systems used to recognize pain, movement, or memory. 

They can also be seen to a lesser degree in the pituitary gland, immune cells, reproductive tissues, intestines, heart, lungs, bladder, and adrenal glands. CB2 receptors are found in immune cells, tonsils, and spleen.  

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

There are many great benefits of giving your dog CBD oil. These are some of the common reasons you may be providing your dog CBD products:

  1. Reduced anxiety: CBD oils have been shown to help decrease stress. Some dogs get anxious from car rides to the vet, storms, or fireworks. CBD oil is a great additive to give them before attending those types of activities or leaving them home alone during them. Some dogs are overly anxious, giving them CBD oil every day can help to avoid that unnecessary stress.
  2. Reduced stress: CBD oil can also help reduce stress in your dog.  Some dogs are stressed when their owner leaves for the day or when they have to stay overnight somewhere other than home.  Giving your pet CBD oil in these cases will help your pet be less stressed. 
  3. Reduced inflammation: Studies show that CBD oils can help decrease pain and swelling in the joint. If your dog is suffering from arthritis or has other problems with their joints, CBD oils are excellent supplements that you can give to your dog.  Dogs with arthritis can have CBD oil every day to help with the pain.
  4. Possibly helps fight cancer: CBD may help decrease the size of your pet's tumor. If your pet is undergoing chemotherapy and feels dizzy or nauseous, CBD products can help reduce those symptoms and even aid in giving them their appetite back.
  5. Reduced allergy symptoms: CBD products will help decrease inflammation and help with itchy skin.  This makes CBD products great to help a dog who suffers from allergies. CBD products can help reduce allergy symptoms in your dog.
  6. Reduced itching: CBD has been shown to help repair the damaged skin with a healthier, new skin barrier. If this barrier is disrupted certain irritants such as, allergies, bacteria, and yeast penetrate the skin causing all the skin conditions that we see. CBD will help repair this layer and help your pet be less itchy and irritated. 
  7. Improved appetite: For a dog who is not wanting to eat due to some underlying condition, you may want to try CBD oil.  It has been shown that CBD oils will help increase the appetite for pets. This may be just what your dog needs to help get their want to eat back after battling an illness
  8. Improved gastrointestinal health: CBD oils have been shown to help treat digestive problems.  If your dog is vomiting or having diarrhea, CBD oil may help them feel much better.  If your dog does not improve after a day or seems to be getting worse, it may be best to seek veterinary care for your pet. 

CBD Guidelines

There are many places that you can purchase CBD products. Many pet stores, healthy food stores, and online pet stores will carry CBD oils for your pet. The old saying you get what you pay for is true with CBD oils. The better quality of CBD products cost more. 

Make sure to do your research and know where your pet CBD products are coming from. Making sure that the company is using the CO2 extraction method and does 3rd party testing to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. 

The dosage of CBD products all depends on the size of your dog and what condition they have.  Always use a CBD calculator and research your dog breed before giving them any supplements.  

Before giving your dog, CBD products check with your veterinarian and make sure that your dog will not have any problems taking CBD products.

Administering CBD Oil

There are many ways to give your dog CBD.  Many CBD products are treats infused with CBD oils. These are an easy way to give your pet this fantastic supplement and a tasty treat at the same time.  Most oils can be delivered with an eyedropper directly into your pet's mouth. 

Some CBD oils do not have a great taste, and your dog may start to refuse to take the oils. While there are oils that are infused with a flavor, it can be hard to mask these tastes. You can also try to mix these oils with food to help make them more palliative.

CBD products have many great benefits that all dogs can benefit from. If you are looking for a great supplement to add to your dog's diet, this is a great product to start. CBD can be given every day or just as needed depending on your dog's condition. 

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